Incredible Years Teachers Programme

The Incredible Years® parenting programme targets teachers of children aged three to eight. The focus is on strengthening teachers’ classroom management strategies, promoting children’s prosocial behavior and school readiness, and reducing children’s classroom aggression and noncooperation with peers and teachers. The programme also helps teachers work with parents to support their school involvement and promote consistency between home and school. In summary, the Teacher Classroom Management Programme aims to provide teachers with the skills to effectively manage their classroom and promote children’s social, emotional and academic competence.


Feedback from the programme developers:

Thank you so much! It’s been a pleasure to work with you on this process. We’ve done a number of similar reviews with other agencies, and your review was one of the more thorough and thoughtful ones that we’ve been involved with!

– Jamila Reid, Ph.D. (Director of Operations, The Incredible Years)


Thanks so much for sending these reports. We are delighted with the news!

– Carolyn Webster-Stratton (Founder, The Incredible Years)