CAYT Impact Studies

To continue investing in services and programmes for young people we need to be more systematic in our attempts to show their value.


CAYT has created a database of quality assured studies that assess the impact of programmes and services supporting the development of young people; these may be delivered in a range of settings, including education settings. ADEPIS took over the management of the database in April 2015, and will be responsible for its development.


The database does not include programmes designed to support more general teaching and learning in schools or colleges (for this information please visit Mentor-ADEPIS).  We take youth interventions to include those that are aimed at:


  • Adolescents, teenagers and young adults;
  • Preventing risky behaviour/promoting good behaviour;
  • Ensuring better school attendance or attainment for youth;
  • Ensuring better labour market outcomes for youth.


These studies are used by a range of stakeholders, including those charged with providing or commissioning services in a range of settings. You can find out more about how to compile an impact study here.


If you would like to have your evaluation study assessed for impact and quality, and then added to the database please send full details and a copy of your study or evaluation report to


In 2015 we revised the original CAYT scoring system.

Click here to review the updated guidelines.